Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life is so boring….

Nothing much special around me… as the dam weather is so hot and happen that now everything raising in price. Seem like tgod is clearing people on earth as more illness that can’t be cure like SARS and weather change and affect the labour of food like plants and sea food and so on… thus as for me, it affect me most. As I work home base and no one buy things from me liao.

And my room don’t have air con which is the most killing part. Sign… time is bad now however I got a bad habit to buy thing when I got no business as that is the most free time I had.

How I wish Singapore can snow,,,, so at least I no need to travel so far just to touch the snow flake…. So hot…..
Things I going to import back from other country myself
Gems Earphone * Elecom Ear Drop Serie* which I saw it is selling at $57 at one of the Holland Village Store. It only cost me $35 to impost back myself.
Jay signature 8 GB MP4 player, I had sold mine as the previous MP4 player only 4 GB at $185SGD. Import back myself as Singapore is not selling this pieace, I'm attrached to it as it is 8GB and most important I love Jay thus I like to own his product and hace care weather it is under warranty. *cross finger*
I saw Xiaxue ever worn a same pendant in Yellow Gold thus I also want to own 1 as "Glordian" in White Gold Plated as Singapore don't have such custom made pendant.
When I was in SP at 2004, I saw 1 classmate worn this Tee, However she told me she bought from Korea and it is not selling in Singapore. I will import it back myself as I feel like an Angel when wearing it. :) Furthermore I'm the only 1 to own it in Singapore as my classmate is study oversea now. Wa ha ha ha
Lastly, I love angel & pink stuffs. Thus I often gone crazy for it. the angel tee is 2004 lei, I spent 4 years then find it. I really crave for it lor....

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