Friday, May 2, 2008

Unavoidable Mistake

28/4/2008 Monday,

I had made a silly mistake today, as I had print wrong address for one of my regular customer. But feel puzzle when she actually hung my phone instead of being worry that she can’t received her package right… However I only though she is just had a bad day however what I think is wrong.

However I had settled the matter with Singpost within 24 hour and she mange to get her item on 30/4/2008. She sms me to apologies of what had happen the other day. But yesterday I again received her sms scolding me trying to say” how can you make this mistake?” What can I say, I already overlook it and print wrong address and already post out and you already received Singpost notification letter. I’m not a magician I can’t turn back time to eraser my wrong. I already apologies and settle the matter. If you really wish me to give you a good explanation… I’m sorry I can’t in my view, WRONG is WRONG whatever explanation I give you is rubbish.

All I can do is apologies and then settle the matter ASAP right. Frankly speaking I know I’m wrong in first place but you are RUDE to hung up my phone without telling me “head & tail” of what going on…? And also I hope this matter is close as now even you rack up this matter I still speechless like before. What you want from me just tell me don’t Monday hung my phone Tuesday buy my thing again Wednesday sms me you’re sorry and Thursday scolding me again.

Quote by an CPG architect: “ A man can never make a mistake, I ever had make a mistake in my design however my reputation turn smelly after that incident, No one will give me an second chance despite of how many design awards I had won the past .”
What I can say is, I also don’t wish this mistake to happen, I also not happy okay. It depend of you whether to give me a second change and forget about it. If can’t, then that too bad for both of us.

I will lose a regular customer and you lost a cheap place to purchase your apparels. I only hope you don’t come and tell me how mad you’re now still because I really feel frustrated instead of guilty now. I had apologies enough and amend the mistake so what you want just tell me. However I won’t close my online store because of you as this is only a small thing at my side.

Error will occurred when my orders getting more and I’m short handed so it is reasonable to had mistakes.

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