Monday, May 12, 2008

Pink SE K800i Housing

m… quite long that I never blog my life. Sigh… I’m neither busy of work nor shopping. However as those things I had order from internet haven’t reach me thus I got no inspiration what to spree for my spree-ers thus I stop online business for 3 – 4 weeks le. So I’m very very poor now and need to start to work again.

However, I had received the Pink SE housing BUT it is sort of inferior set.

Unpleasant experience:
- I was charge $9.99 AU for shipping yet seller only pay $7.20HKD. Thus I was being con for $11.64SGD
- Assorted parts are not for my phone model
- The battery cover is full of scratches
- M2 card slot and play button slot are crack
- As the overall don’t fit well so my back button is not functioning when I change my pink housing.

But I manage to save $15 as I manage to change my own housing by looking thru YouTube. Thus now I had mastered how to change housing for SE k800i.

And I had already reflect this unpleasant buy to the seller and he agreed to replace me a new one and will be post on 14/5/2008. I really hope this replacement will be great and fit in my k800i and function well.
Picture show is after I had completed assemble all the part together.
Lastly, I will give this company a last chance, I promise to release the online store name if happen the replacement is still an inferior set.

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