Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Places that I had never been before in SINGAPORE for my 27 years

Had visit Haji Lane last week, however I never came across this street for 27 years. Haji Lane is just next to Arab Street. Malay and Tourists is mostly spot there. There’s a lot of fashion shop houses along Haji Lane but I feel more of the items is very expensive and even higher than those departmental store.

Guess their main profit is from tourists… after lots of walking, I finally find this shop that look like a museum which I can found my toys that I play in the early 80’s.

SaSa bear boutique is located there too.

Shophouses in Haji Lane..

Inside the Arab area...
Some event is going on...
SaSa bear boutique... Pictures that taken from the shop is not allowed thus all shots are in weird angel and not clear...
Antique shop which you can find all kind of toys/games in the early 70's - 80's
These are the telephone I used befoe, I love the 1st one from the right hand side. Really did use all this phone before when I was very young. However I ask mum where the phone, she say all this phone belong to Singtel in early 80's. They just need to buy a line and phone will be provide by Singtel. Wow it is great hor, unlike now.... Everything need $$$
I also find a big bed of Bird Paradise
Guess the sun is setting down, and this is my end of the visit
Bye Bye Haji Lane

Verdict: Haji Lane, a place that filled with different cultures!

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