Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gadgets Crazy….

I’m indulging of buying more gadgets. Now my computers table already no place for other items. Recently had bought a Chinese Tablet in order to help me to use the stylus in writing in Chinese character as my Han Yu Pin Yin is very lousy thus I can’t type Chinese character so no choice had to get this Chinese Tablet to help me.

Had bought a Microsoft webcam too so I can see Bee every time when we talk as we always fight inside the phone thus hoping we get to see each other’s expression so we won’t misunderstand each other. Thus getting this is to minimize phone quarrel. [*hoping it work* cross finger]
Look computer table it is really crowded:

1 Epson Printer
1 set of Altec Lansing Speakers & Sound Woofer
1 22” LG Monitor
1 Microsoft Webcam
1 Wacom Chinese Writing Tablet
1 Logitech wireless set of mouse & keyboard
1 TV external box with remote
1 Starhub cable modem for telephone
1 Singnet ASDL wireless modem
1 Canon scanner

All this things really pack up the whole table and I guess I need to change my table soon.

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