Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Buy Buy and Buys…..

Seriously when I don’t work, I will keep on buying lots and lots of items. I’ll only start to work when my money level is low. And I quite scare that I lost track of what I had order and paid for.

Okay…. Here is the best place to record down:
Little Piggy Spree by Seller LJ Id: huahua
Paid on 4th May 2008, $19SGD still needs to top up oversea and local postage for 2nd payment.
Spree close on 5th May 2008
Waiting time is 2 months
Remark: Thus I assume I’ll receive around 5th July 2008. “Sigh” so long huh… longest spree I ever join and weird is she got not feedback link. Hopefully she is trustable and waiting time is shorter than expected.
Update on 4/6/2008: Waited a month you know and TODAY she say no more stock thus I wonder is it a scam anot as she only update when I request her to do so. So coincident. Now problem BIG, as she had collect from me $19! $17 is the item price and $2 is the handling charge. Just wondering is she going to refund me ALL or just refund me $17.

She's a very LOUSY organiser that I had met. Thus I advise all don't ever go spree with her, you'll really regrette.

This is her LJ spree do BLACKLIST HER
Matrix Biolage Serie of Hair Products- not worth at all, as is $12sgd more so NOT TO BUY

4 bottles of Opi Polishes - 1 of the bottle leak due to never bubble wrapping
Online store: HeadtoToe [ FAIL ] I won't order from them again
Paid on 5th May 2008 Post out on 11th May 2008 REACH on 15th May 2008
Expected to reach 21st – 27th May 2008
Amount: $106.35USD / $146.95 Rate is 1.4
Replacement from royaldhi
Post on 14th May 2008
REACH on 22nd May 2008
Amount: $20 Sgd
Remark: Had recieved an inferior set on 8th May 2008

Things I wrote in http://glordian.blogspot.com/2008/04/life-is-so-boring.html
Will post in 2 patch, will be arrive in Singapore by this week and next week

1 Jay Mp4 player REACH on 26th May 2008
1 White gold plated customize Necklace REACH on 26th May 2008
2 pair of Elecom Eardrop Series *Crystal* REACH on 14th May 2008
6 qty Angela Hair Accessories [Romantic Princess] REACH on 14th May 2008 but 16 qty missing thus re order is done. REACH on 26th May 2008
1 White 3d Angel Wing Tee REACH on 14th May 2008

From this list, I feel I'm quite havoc as I had imported back my own Shampoo too. LOL

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