Tuesday, May 13, 2008

阮经天 (Ethan/Jason).

Recently had be addicted to watch this Taiwan drama call “命中注定我爱你” the main actor is 阮经天 (Ethan/Jason). I like him as I found him really look like Jay Zhou. They are 88% alike.
绿光森林 is the first drama which I saw his act. Now the new drama is so romantic and comedy thus it may me so addictive till I stick to my monitor all the time. However till now only have 9 episodes, sigh…. I really hate waiting.

His profile:
Height: 184m
Weight: 71 kg
Blood Group: B [same as Bee]
Birthday: 08th November 1982 [ wow he’s 2 year younger than me, and he is Scorpio too but I prefer Jay now, at least Jay is older than me by 1 year! Hee…]
Favorite color: Black, Blue & White [ I also like white….]
Dislike color: Yellow [ wa…. Same as me]
Verdict: Drama he act all very nice and romantic.

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