Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mohamed Sultan

29/8/2008 Friday

I finally completed Henderson Bridge! However with a little help of alcohol. :p
As usual we like to visit quiet places to chill [of course will bring along some finger foods and beers], thus this time I picked Henderson Bridge again as I didn’t complete it last time.

After finishing our chicken wings and beer at Telok Blangah Park and Mount Faber, we headed to boat quay as we realize it had been ages ever since we last went there. It was crowded and the whole street is covered with “Ah Moh” feels like I’m in America.

Then we decided to go Clarke quay but no place for motor parking lots at that timing so need to park at Mohamed Sultan. To my shocked, the whole street is empty and quiet compared to 1 year ago.

My last visit Mohamed Sultan is a year back. That time the whole street is still crowed. And it is the famous night clubbing street, however I don’t since when all the night clubs closed down. And now only left with O bar and Double O only.

Crowds that it used to be
Long queue when it is suppose to be
Now…. So empty
Even the famous Madam Wong had close down.

I got no ideal why is it all the pubs closed down, however Bee say maybe is due to the heavy taxed of liquored and alcohol by our government thus a lot of the pubs wouldn’t’ sustained.

Anyway, I pass by my favorites “Ba Gu Tek” along Mohamed Sultan so needless to say, SEAT DOWN AND EAT! (@_@)

After finished the heavy supper, we headed down the Clarke Quay. So the same area we queued for the Nike Race Kit is actually a Night Clubbing Space.
Well, came across a bar that caught my eye.
I saw lotza drink from this drip. I guess it should be filled with cocktail.

Very innovative right to come out this ideal, however this unique bar call “The Clinic” located at Block C. I wanted to invited my friends to visit this CLINIC!!!!

Sigh…. Guess I really ages and haven been out from my house for a long period, however those clubs and pubs in Clarke Quay is very new to me as I thought it is those same clubs and pubs from Mohamed Sultan.

Well it is really havoc in Clarke Quay….. Finished the whole night trip at 2.30am

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