Wednesday, August 27, 2008

蕭煌奇 vs 林宥嘉

I guess there’s a hit in 2005 when Singapore organizes a voting variety show call Super Star!

And the winner turns out to be a blind person.

Chen Wei Lian got First in 2005 Supper Star!

Lately, I heard this song 你是我的眼 from 3 different Taiwan show in July 2008. But the version I heard it from is sang by 林宥嘉 from 超級星光大道.
超級星光大道 is another Taiwan version of Supper Star.

After hearing thrice from林宥嘉, then I began to wonder… why the lyric go like this; “眼前的黑不是黑 你說的白是什麼白” then I start to research it then I realize this song is sang by another blind in Taiwan call 蕭煌奇. As it is sang by a BLIND, so the song descride that the "Black we see is not the real Black as only blind live in darkness world so they know what is the real black color like!" " He won't understand the white we mention is what kind of white cause their live had never been a slight of light before!"

Thus this songs is really really very touch as he sang out the heart of being a Blind!

This is 蕭煌奇

I had notice him before his album is release in Singapore. However he is handsome, but Bee say no… What the matter with you man, I mean being compared to Wei Lian, he is more handsome right. You can’t compare him with a normal person which able to look into the mirror and ensure their appearance is great~ Bee you no sense la!!!
Lastly, this is the original singer of this song; listen carefully and I hope it touch your heart.

Verdict: sorry to say I still like 林宥嘉 version.

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