Monday, August 25, 2008

Nike Human Race Collection Kit

Yesterday, I had accompanied Bee to go Clarke Quay to collect his Nike Human Race kit.
However I nearly faint when I saw such LONG queue….

I’m not exaggerated; it is really very LONG as I took very long then reaches the queue starting point. Luckily he saw a friend which is in the middle of the queue so we “lobang” him to collect instead.

Bee’s friend already queues 1 hour and only moves 5metres of the queue. Anyway we went to Liang Court to explore the new renovation and any new shops open… But most of the building is still under renovation. However the new renovated structured is very nice and attractive.

After 1 hour of shopping in Liang Court, we head back to his friend to take over him as his friend is hungry le.

Everyone is asking: “how come this race is so expensive $48+ yet queue so long?” Well…. It is unlike Standard Charter Race. As they open a lot of counters and more systematic compare to this “Nike Race”!

The queue is getting longer instead of shorter….
This board is not accurate; as a lot of them is not collecting 1 kit only and infact some id collecting 10 or more pack! 45min is only base on 1 person collection of 1 kit!
So much crowds yet only got 10 collections Counter. Somemore is raining, thus should expect less people heading for collection.

Pathetic! Well hoping that they will done a better job next round as to collect this running kit need nearly 6 – 7 hours~