Thursday, February 28, 2008

24/2/2008 Airshow

That is the first time I visited an airshow, however I had wake up early in the morning and meet bee for breakfast at 9.30am. When we reach white sansd is already around 11am. The queue for shutter bus is really very long till it end at white sand. It took us an hour to get into the free shutter SBS bus.

However, we still need to queue for an hour for scanning when we reach the exact location.

It was a HOT and sunny day, no wind at all.

11.15am: Bee said: “Ai ya I forgot to bring umbrella and apply suntan lotion…”

I reply: “can we wait under the shade instead of standing under the sun”

Sign….. In the end we still stand inside the sun for half hour before the airshow started. The airshow started at 12.15pm, however the whole show duration is 45 min which make me so hot and frustrated. A good experience however I don’t think I will go again.
A arrow with Heart by Black Knight
A down curtain form by Black Knight too....

Hee.... LOL I choose this Ah Moh Pilot to take picture with as he is the most handsome among the all.

OMG Ferrari Personal Airplane

Okay, this is the price to pay for to go watch an Airshow!!!!!

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