Thursday, February 21, 2008

I found it...

Ha Ha a minute ago I still bloging for my miserable. Now I’m very happy, i kept thinking where did I lose it while I’m writing my blog. Then I recall that I had pack my shawls yesterday and I carry the shawls from a big plastic zip bag and fold them nicely and put it inside my wardrobe.

Thus I had searched the wardrobe but not the big plastic zip bag. So when I upzip the bag the “Tien Lu” bracelet was there.

I’m so happy, as now I’m a perfect “whole” person. I really hope no matter what happen, I wont lost my “Tien Lu” and my “Diamond Cross” again…. Oh ya and my whit gold anglet which I worn it for 10 years.

Times really fly… still don’t the anglet so old le…. BUT no worry, I lose you many times but eventually find you back. Thus I’m I wont abandon you.

3 main things on me which I can’t do without it in my life:
1) Tien Lu bracelet
2) Diamond Cross pendant
3) White gold anglet
A picture for me to keep just incase really got 1 day it g.... again!!!! It look very normal but it do contain my soul. :)

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