Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sad Day…

Yesterday, I go to central to buy the playsuit which is the one on the singer inside the mtv. However once I reach home, I decided to do a clay angel for wendy before I go holiday.

Maybe too engross with my craft work, I accidentally drop my “tien lu” bracelet which I got it from Taiwan.

It is like my soul already, I realize it was lost at 11pm. Sign… can’t sleep at all. This morning I went to those places that I had visited yesterday to find. However don’t have. I remember I should lose it at home but my room and kitchen also don’t have. As I stay in my room to do the clay angel and kept going to kitchen to wash my hand other than that. I didn’t go other part of the house.

Till now, I still can’t find it. Though it cost $180 SGD but what I sad is, I worn it everyday and more than a year. Now I guess time to give up as I really can’t find it. Guess I’ll had another sleepless night as I really miss my “tien lu” bracelet.

What is the most important accessory on me is the “Tien Lu” bracelet and the diamond “Cross” Pendant. As I feel I was protected by them. Now I feel like a handicapped, 1 arm is lost. No mood to do anything else except thinking where did I lose it….

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