Sunday, August 3, 2008

2008 NDP Preview

I had watched the 2008 NDP preview yesterday 2/8/2008!

I’m zombie yesterday as I didn’t get to sleep on the previous day due to my bad persistent cough! I’m still insisting going to the NPD preview as I haven’t got chance to went into the Temporary Stadium.

Weather was hot which make me sweat a lot, however I did bring my body & face sun block cream to apply. I also wear a BIG white hat and BIG sun shade to avoid myself to gat sun burn with the past experience of 2008 Aircraft show! <
Click Here>

We spent half an hour to queue into the stadium
We are lucky enough to have a center seats just underneath the control functions rooms!

I feel that locating the stadium at Marina Bay is an wise choice.
- Very windy
- Able to view the “Golden Landmark”
- Blue Singapore river vs Blue Sky

Stage in day view
Stage in night view
Performance verdict:

I realize it is much better comparing to the past.
-More performance, lesser singing.
-Performance theme based on ART
-Lesser mandarin song (infact only 2 songs) maybe due to our country is multi races ( infact better as I will doze off if I hear mandarin songs)

3 motives for me to attend this 2008 NDP Preview
- I never went in before
- Black Knights
- Firework

Black Knights performance is same as 2008 Aircraft Show <Click Here>
Fact is I don’t feel is better than 2008 Aircraft Show as I guess this time they draw the picture on over big surface so the pictures they form is not fine.


They purposely conceptualized in order to bring the fireworks nearer to the audience.
It was firing from a concentrated platform within Marina Bay itself . When the fire work is ending, I saw lot of firework forming S, I thought it was $ but it is a “S” which signifying 'Shine Singapore Spirit'.

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