Tuesday, May 12, 2015

IVF Journey: 2ww [actually for kkh is 17 days wait slightly more than 2 weeks]

A lot say that the 2ww is the most torturing longest wait ever. However not the case to me as I spent 48 hours on bed rest due to my high fever right after my embryo transfer. Also I feel fatigue all the times thus I really did sleep a lot tru out that 2ww plus Chinese New Year is coming making me busier to think about the result.

No temptation of trying to pee on the kit as I got too much disappointment during the past 16 months of treatment. I never did get a big PLUS in the past. Thus I better leave it to the blood test on the day 17.

The day had arrive but I don’t feel good at all because I kept having a lot of abdominal cramp, is like menses is coming any minute so feel no good hope and went to kkh for the blood test very early in the morning at 8am.

After that went to Chinatown to have my breakfast, around 930am kkh called and the nurse congratulate me and request me of going back to get my medicine and so on. Was really overjoyed and continue to enjoy my breakfast after that.

After the entire errand, we went back to kkh and get medicine. This round was prescribed with oral hormone pill instead of virginal insert.  My blood test result was 800+ in hcg thus I guess quite low chance of having a twin for this round. Nerveless we will still happy about it.

However having silly act, I went home and tested on the kit and got a fainted double lines. Yeah!!!

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Hartini Ab Ghani said...

Weeeee... :) congrats!