Monday, May 25, 2015

1st trimester of my pregnancy + bumps

I will continue from my IVF journey. Normally a women could encounter increase in weight during the about coming menses time and subside after day 3 of menses. Thus there wasn’t exception for me. Before IVF my menses was here on its own accord not by medicine induce. Before menses I was around 50kg and upon during menses period my weight was 50.8kg and it did drop back to 50kg during day 3 of menses however my 1st IVF jab was on the 3rd day of menses and the weight stay at 50.8kg till embryo transfer.

As I mention before right after embryo transfer I been fever for 36 hours, after that I been consuming a lot a lot of food. Even my hubby got a shock of the way I ate. But that only last about 6 weeks. I don’t have any morning sickness but I do feel nauseous if I smell fish or after I cooked. Thus my 1st trimester we mostly eat out. I was suffering from a lot of gastric pain maybe 6 times daily. After the 2ww, I ate 6 to 9 meals daily mainly because I really had a lot of gastric pain and my meals are relatively small. So I will get hungry real fast.

I was then prescribed with Dydrogesterone 10mg and Folic Acid 5mg till 12 weeks. Weight wise I total gained 1.2kg [counted from the day of embryo transfer] but my body change especially my breast as it upgrade from 33 to 34”

I was mainly fatigue. I always sleep straight for 8 – 9hours. Turn in by 12am and wake up at 8 or 9am. I could have 2 napping during the day time. Starting off like 30 min to 40 min and later part is 1 hour to 2 hours. I unable to sit long so I spent most of my time lying on my bed. I feel very restless unable to focus anything, I lost interest in everything include watching my favourite tw drama. I didn’t do any online listing too. My 1st trimester was just sleep and start in the blank. My craving for 

1st trimester was POTATOES, I ate everything that is made from potatoes. Things like water boil potatoes, potatoes salad, fries, whip potatoes, bake potatoes or potatoes chip.
1st 4 weeks I consume a lot of beef. And the 2nd month I consume a lot chicken breast. I suddenly dislike plain water so I get a lot of Ribena and Milo.  

Foods I disliked at these period: rice, instant noodle, vegetable, titbits and fish!

 that was my 1st bump outbreak during 9 weeks

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