Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Bell

Well these was rather a hectic week for me. Busy over finding wedding auspicious date and finally we came out with 25th September 2011 and 30th October 2011.

However the time is abit rushing thus very very hard for me to get a venue! However we are settling at Ban Heng Pavilion. It all happen there's a couple post pone their date and we slot ourself in!

Now then I realize so much wedding happen falling on September - December. It was the peak period. Anyway this is our 1st time of marriage thus it normal we don't know.

Well now is a perk period meaning we are having hard time to find pre wedding studio!!! sigh... very rush... We haven't even notify our friends for the house warming session on 28th May 2011

busy busy busy
Well, just chosen my wedding card, simple and elegant.

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