Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My ideal kitchen - PINK part 1

Well, now I already start to purchase items for my Singapore NEW flat. Any my ideal kitchen is to be in PINK, white & Silver. Sound abit like barbie however it can turn out to be true!
Perspective drawing of my future kitchen

Who say it can't be true as someone already did that before me. Thus I wish I will have a PINK kitchen too! Ha Ha
My 1st Pink set of kitchenware - Pink
8 pcs pots & sauce pans in PINK retail price $119usd
5 pcs Utensil Set in PINK

Pink kitchen scissor - Retail price $14.99usd

Currently I only able to find these items, now I still haven't buy the rest of the things like:
Pink Kettle x 2
Pink Knife x 2
Pink chopping broad x 2
Pink Whisk
Pink Plates & Bowl
even the fridge & oven can be PINK too.
Anyway I wish I can fullfill my dream and make my kitchen in PINK so I had the mood of cooking. Heee

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