Friday, May 1, 2009

Gathering in USA

Well I had pick up my greatest courage to travel from Singapore to USA. I and Bee are totally not familar we are heading to. However, times really fly fast.

We enjoy being here and I had more friends than in Singapore, everyone are very friendly and helpful. Thus I began to like here.
Pictures of reunion dinner during CNY 2009 which is Jan I guess when I just reach here not long. As you can see I'm still fat fat at that moment. All are PILOTS except BEE & me. Surrounded with PILOTS lei....
Wives gathering BUT 2 man inside is extra one la. I was invited for these porlat and get to know all the wives. To my surprise most of them are PINKIE Siao. Thus we hitted of this way!
P/s: I don't know why all same posture because I was not inform lei!!!!

Very tasty & best dinner which I ever had since I'm in USA!

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