Friday, April 24, 2009

La Vegas Excercise

Today is the 8th day that Bee gone to base excercise. So I was left at home alone and still need to wait for 9 more days then he'll be back. However today he told me that excercise might be extend which make me so sad till I had night mare even I was taking an afternoon nap. I miss him so much, can't wait any longer for him to be back.

Below are pictures that he had taken in La Vegas. They reach 2 days earlier than the rest thus they still have bit of time to walk around during the 1st day.

Shopping centre in La Vegas street: too bad I wasn't there as so long I had never see high rise building. To me this picture look like another shenton way in Singapore. Me miss Singapore too.
Bee never forget to take picture of my favourite shop :p Seen like no different from Tucson branch.
Another angle in La Vegas street
This is La Vegas oulets where a place that consist of many BRANDED factory outlet. You can get very great deal here. Anyway branded here already much more cheaper than in Singapore.
OMG I never seen a Juicy Couture shop before and this one is a factory outlet!!! Bee said the interior of the store is all in PINK. How I wish I was there with him.
Levis jean - Singapore had red loop and USA had RED. anyway he taken all this pictures to let me see how special there were. There are all men levis jean. There are so unique in the pockets.

Hope Bee can come back quickly.... Miss you so much or should I say I miss you BADLY. Do drink lotsa of water as weather now turn so HOT & DRY.

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