Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Short Dolly Fringe

*Sign* I always love to have a short Fringe however I ever try twice for the past 5 years and turn out so ugly and till now even how keen am I, I just can’t walk into the salon and tell my hair stylish “ hi may, can you cut my Fringe short like a doll!”

Look at them… so sweet right!

She is a china model, Baby Angela

Nice Fringe
Now actually my back of the hair already look exactly like this as only my end of the hair is curl plus my hair is layer thus it look exactly like her.

Aiyo cut my Fringe a not, or is it because my face don’t suit short Fringe at all!!! Actually I dare to try cause anyway I always at home, the most don’t go out and wait till my Fringe long lo…

Problem is Bee hate I cut my Fringe short, he say I totally cannot make it plus look so nerd. *Sian* I wish I’m rich enough to visit David Gan lei. But he charge $500 for styling per head and strictly for booking meaning if I got $ I still need to wait maybe 5 – 6 months.

So envy Zoey Tay and Fann Wong, cause David Gan is their personal hair stylish! He is really great when I saw him cut 2 lady Fringe in the last TV programmed.

I'm so SICK of my hairstyle however scare Bee will divorce with me if I cut!!!! HOW??? cut or don't cut... *sigh* I guess I too long never take picture. I should take more picture now and see am I pretty enough if not, I'll go cut cause anyway cut and never cut is ugly then why I wait justy cut short. LOL

Crazy me!

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