Sunday, July 6, 2008

Piaggio X8

Nowadays, petrol price kept increasing and notice a lot peoples downgrade their motor bike. For us, our Super 4 is 400cc now we downgrade to 200cc.
Aiyo, so many people trying hard to sell off second hand Super 4 as petrol really too expensive. Think of this petrol incident… It really reminds me that I had a terrible X which forces me to pay his petrol fee for him. Below is the real cuplit!
Name: Aaron Ng [if I didn’t remember wrong!] age: 29 this year.

I don’t know why no matter what Jon had done to me before yet I never hate him so much compare to you! Infact I feel is a disgrace to be your x, why I say so. I guess a lot will hate this kind of guy. He might appear nice as a friend but not as a BF. He suck! Like to scold GF, Stingy, ask $ from GF and worst part is, he will force me cut a short hair when he know I actually look ugly in short hair. And demand what should I wear with those most ugly clothes in the world. You thought I don't know what is your intention right, actually I know you only want to turn me into as ugly as you so I can match you! He never ever pay me a visit when I'm sick and not even accompany me to clinic too. Yet he still dare to scold me and make me cry when I'm SICK!
And worst is I don’t know why he can criticized “NaNa” so much yet once broken off with me and once he transfer to “NaNa” class he go and woo her! OMG “NaNa” was my poly best friend yet you did these! GREAT! Anyway I never reveal these to anyone cause if I really did so, no one will trust me as they will comment that I’m just jealous! Too bad I'm going to write your UGLY side here.

Truth reveal: "Indeed I was sad when he had broken up with me, weird is I only cry HARD for 3 days only" Cause is actually a relieve that he had broken up with me! So I didn't go back to him as I'm NOT a stupid women!

I might been a failure in my past RS however I learn something: "I can choose whether my life to be HAPPY anot. No1 will pity me if I choose to stick with a poor personality man who make me CRY everyday." "In order to be HAPPY, just pick myself up and move on without that JERK!"

By the way, this JERK is the one who wish to break up with me in the first place however CRY in school and asking for patch up. When I don’t wish to go back to him, he yet dares to spread RUMOUR in my school! F… off hor, don't tell me you never heard that "never offend a women, we will become very ugly!!!!!! Now you offend "Liao Niang, 1 of your leg is inside coffin!"

I’m still okay if he say the TRUTH, however he's telling others that I treating him this & that bad when HE'S the one treating me this WAY! So he is saying opposite things!

Anyway, *shake head* till now I still wondering why are we ONCE an item in school

Lastly, I'm glad Bee is my husband and he alway place me the FIRST in his heart. Pamper me like a QUEEN. Thanks Bee for everything you done for me. Especially for my blogger skin!!!

Enough of that……………………………………………………………………………………………
Funny lei… I always though X8 is the early series of X9 that why I always say NO when Bee wanted to change to X8.

However once I know it is another latest of X9 then I decide to try. It is very big, comfortable and pick up is very fast and smooth and most important is it is SILENT.

And we finally get this new bike today, as Bee supper 4 like getting very old and we spend a few thousand to repair it.
*Wink* I’m so happy I got new bike to travel with.
Front view – nothing special
Side View – BIG SEAT for me!!!! And the motor box is bigger than our Super 4 one. The motor box can fill up 2 helmets.
Under the seat, the inner compartment still able to put in 2 helmets. Bee can I put my spare BIRKENSTOCK here so when I feel pain when I worn heel and I able to change my BIRKI. Hee hee….
Back view - What is different from X9 is the “boot” of x8 can be open and reach the inner compartment easily. And it is able to slot in a billiard Q!!!Note: these picture are not taken from our Real X8 as I heard alot say can’t take personal bike picture as we will met car accident and things like that. Anyway is same color - BLACK!!!

As too bad as Bee X8 had modified the exhaust pipe and the headlight which is legal one. And the funniest part is when Bee press the break handle, it will make up noise like “ weeeeeeeee……..eeee”Anyway I still love super 4 no matter what however it really give us too much problem till we give up on him. sign last night is my last travel on Super 4 le… >_<

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