Friday, July 4, 2008

Dawn Yang VS Xiaxue

I lately saw this news am frying HOT in cyber web. However there things I wish to voice out too.
Lately saw Xiaxue blog chatting about this “Dawn Yang” which I don’t even know who is her. Then lately I read it in Xiaxue blog and to know this lady.

*shake head* feel that both of their blog like Hong Kong Paparazzi Blogspot. However they criticized each other till going for lawsuit case. *OMG*

Both are famous, that readers like to make lots of comparison between them. Anyway maybe Dawn Yang will become famous since Xiaxue write on her. Abit like Edison Chen revealing porn shots and get famous in order to help himself into Hollywood Film. [which only a rumous]
Common things they shares:
Both pretty!
Both sexy!
Both talented!
Both “famous” rated Blogger

So there’s nothing to compare about them, however Xiaxue should have her own option to write whatever she wish and there are too many writers / bloggers out there. Thus is impossible to stop everyone. So be fair with Xiaxue as she’s famous and high traffic of readers and lead to lawsuit case.

So if you happen to sue her, then must well sue everything in cyber site. The more you stop the more people wish to write on you. And once you get Xiaxue angry, she will bite you and don’t let go. So ayo… problematic.
Anyway cause of this incident, learn that Dawn Yang had undergo PS which she claim is untrue.
I really can’t imagine, if really go under PS. How much to spent????? Very PRETTY!!!! I also wish to go PS, however I’m poor lo, I’ll be happy if I don't grown FAT! But indeed if this PS news is true, then I hope to find out which surgery clinic did that. IT IS AN ART!
I just wondering, did anyone realize they look alike. Vivian Hsu and Dawn Yang. Wow… I really start to envy girl who are really FAIR, Big Eye and Sexy Lip with LONG silky hair!
Lastly, no point fighting as I feel. Both are good and you gals actually Great Representers of Singapore Blogger. Thus both of you won't gain anything getting personal attack and in fact only [READER] gain. As READERs only sit back and watch you gals attacking like playing games only.

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