Friday, July 4, 2008

For a Invisible Friend.............

For a Invisible Friend............. If you happen read these, then I really hope you cherish our friendship. However after msn conversation, you quote " alright be it" I totally sian as what you quote is trying to tell me is okay to lose me as a friend you known.

However I really feel you're self centre and all you care is your husband! Thus YOU'RE the one who make me feel you no need FRIEND. And I'm no longer NEEDED!!!

Now writing this is let you know how I feel all this while!

I feel like:
Spare Tire

Why I say so? You prebook me 2 weeks and I schedule for you and meet up yet I only get to see you 1 hour AGAIN. [Once you received buyer's call, your never reject him BUT you choose to reject ME!] And head back to farm? Tell me, at this moment how would YOU feel. Your msn quote to me today: " I'm sorry about tha!" F off, sorry doesn't mean anything, at least you should try to make up like meet up another time! You don't even do that you call that SORRY!

When you go Malacca I received your call, I should be happy right. However your call is due to you're lonely and is not you MISS me! You thought your call is accompany me right. You're wrong!!! At that moment I was talking to my pendant supplier. I on hold her because of YOU!

You ever told me, you will go farm early in morning and come my place to meet me up after I wake up when you had submit your resignation letter. HELLO did you ever did that? Did u? Is consider EMPTY PROMISE!

You not even grateful or guilty you know! I actually put you in 1st place as you treated me BEST among all my friends but now AND LOOK WHAT U DID TO ME!

I don't wish to listen your call cause I alway give in and let you by pass after hearing your voice.
That is why I being taked for granted! I want you to know this time, I won't be there this time if you finally turn your head to look out for me!

Time to hestitate how should I treat you... flushing friends into toilet bowl is my habit. If "friends" become an dirt in my dictionary, I will flush. I choose my friends that why my friends is limited edition. However I'm an mirror, if you good to me. I'll be good to you. If you neglect me then why should I remember YOU!

You should know I had flush 2 or 4 Friends into my "TOILET BOWL"

Well, you think about it. If I don't received any sms or email from YOU in 7 days time.
I'll delete you in my life story capter then if you don't even bother to convince me~

And to all my friends,

"don't ever call me if you need me do something for YOU! I don't welcome any of you, if you can't think of me when you're happy then please don't find me if you're in trouble! I don't even give you a darn!"

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