Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All items reach TODAY!!!

Although not all had reach me but I still happy as I had waited 1 month for it.

I ask Bee to buy me this HUGE diamond ring for me to add my diamond ring collection. Although it is not diamond but I like it alot as I’m going to make it as my wedding portfolio plot. Bee can use this to propose to me again and it will appear in my wedding photo. LOL

Maybe because this HUGE Solitaire in once of the Jay’s MTV “白色风”
I got mine exactly BUT very expensive to import back however is EXCLUSIVE!!!!
It is around 10cm big if I not wrong as I never really measure it. I try wearing but end up can’t take out and got my hand scratched. It is only can see cannot use!
And I also import back a lot of “女人我最大” stuffs.
I had order total 11 kinds however only received 9 items as the rest is contain of liquid thus can’t be post back so need to wait till Wendy’s friend to bring back for me on 25th September 2008.
This is a nose up applicator, must use 10 – 15 min per day. I just try on just now, omg can’t breath at all so need to breathe through mouth instead. But it work to sharpen my nose, how true I don’t know.

Slim Face applicator, must rolled up and down your chin and face for 10 – 15 min per day. Recommended by “Li Yi Chen” it needs to use up to a few months then can see the effect. this is the only way to have small face!!!!
Face up roller; it is another face shaping roller however the different is got 1 more extra massages the underneath chin. Hee [me very ks]Must roll up and down your chin and face for 10 – 15 min per day.
Arm and leg roller; used to shape up my limbs. Must roll up and down your chin and face for 10 – 15 min per day. Don’t why isn’t in pink color!
Fringe shaper, clip on your fringe and use hair dryer to blow through the holes and achieve a nice wave fringe. Haven’t tried….. but recommended by “Yi Neng Jing”
Tight wrapping; I thought using it will shape up my leg however after reading the instruction it is actually an replacement of those “Wrap Film” as normally when you apply slimming cream, you need to wrap it with plastic “Wrap Film” however you need to throw it away after using it. So if you buy these is more economical and environment friendly as it can be reuse a lot of times but have to wash it after every use!
Tummy wrap; usage is same as above!
Get rid of the big ugly leg muscle.Above picture explain all……
usage is 3 time per day and 15 min each time. Must put all strength on the heel
Nail cover: I need it as I always smudge my nail polish when it is not dry yet. With these, I guess no more worry!

All items are origin in Japan but it is made in China. And most of this items is for sliming purpose. Hopefully I will shape up my body.

And next round I going to import more Whitening stuff.

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