Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Electronic Cigarette vs Friendship

Recently I saw this “IN” thing inside “Cleo” August issue. However it is available in UK only. And also it is not PINK!

However I saw this sweety in pink in Australia however the seller refuse to sell to me as my location is in Singapore.

Why am I so keen;
- is free of tar and carcinogenic substances.
- It is non flammable,
- pollution free,
- safe for the environment,
- there is no lingering bad smell
- there is no risk of lung cancer or damages to others through second hand smoke.

You won’t addict and is the best way to quit SMOKING!

This is the sample I wish to buy which is in PINK

It is from Australia, thus seller refuse to sell to Singapore. Maybe because he’s afraid of troublesome or a lot of restriction to post to me as after all this is not accept in Singapore yet.I don’t know if the charge in Australia is same voltage a not. That is the only thing I worry. Seller being move by my persistency of begging him for 7 times.

Initially, I received 6 email of “NO” so I got so anxious and ask a friend [TQS] for help. I remember last week when happen he is online, he told me his company is sending him over Australia to study Civil Engineering for 3 years in 2009. However I ask him is it lonely to go there. But he replies me that all his friends and relative is there already in Australia! So I asked him for help to help me buy it and post back to me to Singapore.

Me: I remember you had told me that your friends and relatives in Australia. So can you help me to get this device as the seller don’t sell it to me. Please help….

TQS: Oh… all my friends and relatives had came back in Singapore last week!

Me: [block him from msn] I feel he is crap!!!!!! Don’t help just tell me on my face lei… You no need to give me excuse! Frankly, I really don’t wish to see you ever again when you had told me this crap! It is as good as I ask you for loan[$] and you told me you are bankrupt last night!

Infact, I ask my poly mate “Na Na” as I know she got lots of lobang one. But she told me Chris is in Australia however is busy for his practical and study and he’ll be back by end of July.
I accept this reason as I know he is really a busy person and what I need her to find is someone staying in Australia for long period of time to help and not a temporary friend to help. Anyway THANKs NANA.

What’s BEST is Wendy [best friend];
Kao!!!! She had Australian customer yet she want to approach her customer to buy thing for her lei…. !#$%^&*()

Seriously, I was stun when you say that. You’re incredible. Hey girl, you not scare your customer don’t buy thing from you huh????

Anyway, thanks for your help but no need your sacrificed! As I had just received the seller that he will find out the cost and documentation in order to sell / post to me.
Hee… so I waiting for his reply now but hopefully I manage to get this item because it is GREAT!
O not to forget to THANKs Bee for helping me asking around among you friends, keke. Thank so much to you.

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