Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sennheiser PINK CX 300 – Fake vs Authentic

Yesterday I had went to Tampines Century Square. I had purchase a set of Sennheiser PINK CX 300 at only $95. However, after bringing home and realize it is fake! @$%^&*()…..!!!!

The shop locate at 4th storey and just opposite BEST [Tampines Century Square]. So BEWARE of this shop! Actually I can’t believe such thing will happened in shops of Singapore. As all shops’ tenant need to register their shop and Singapore Government is so strict over Authentic Product sold in shops.

You may wish to refer Authorised Resellers that stated in

There were 2 old salesmen inside the shop, 1 is thin and tall and the other 1 is short and plump.

The thin one had served me initially, saying proudly to me “I’m sure we are selling cheapest rate as BEST is selling at $129.90 and we only selling at $99. However I still bargain for further discount so he say the plump man whether can give discount so he say agreed to sell to me at $95.

So I bought it home happily. And test the ear piece, it was good in sound quality and just like my SONY and CREATIVE ear piece, don’t make much different to me.

However, I log on to online to check whether mine is an AUTHENIC set a not.

To my horror, mine is FAKE!!!!! However, mine only 4 areas which are wrong comparing to the website. I guess mine is AAA grade imitation! As the wrong areas are too FINE, and sound quality is not bad. But of course I don’t pay $95 for fake item! I went back for refund today and buy a new authentic set in BEST at $129.90.

Here is my experience of distinguish Authentic & Fake
German word 'Schalldruckpegel' is misspelled to 'Schalldruckpagel' where ‘Schalldruckpege’ meaning Sound pressure level and 'Schalldruckpagel' = No Such Word'

'Technical data' is truncated; it appears like 'Tech nical data'.

Fake shop’s salesman still has the cheek to tell me “It is only different packaging!”
No patches number sticker
For local set, the item should have a gold sticker stated is under 2 years warranty and check by Pantrade Electrical Pte. Ltd
Logo should be thin and clear whereas the fake ones is bold.

Websites stated the original ones should be 50cm and fake ones are 32 -34cm but I should clarify here;
Authentic: 28cm
Fake: 32cm

Warranty issue:

they will ask you to go back to them if the item spoilt as they will send to dealer on behalf for you. However there are no such things as 2 year warranty and is only valid for 1 month’s warranty!

refer to
we need to keep the receipt as a proof for 2 YEARS and send back to service center ourself if any faulty appear.

Sennheiser electronic ASIA Pte. Ltd
Address 438B Alexandra Road# 01-06/08 Alexandra Technopark Singapore 119968
Phone(+65) 6-2735202

Lastly, the fake split earphone line is needed to be tearing by consumer where real ones is given 2 separate split nicely!
I’m an super online shopping queen and always look for best offer. However, it is not worth to save $30 to buy online or private shop as I feel it is not worth to risk!Wate of time to as you need to go back and fight with them....

And also a lot of cyber stated the warranty is by “Pantech”

I wish to rectify;

The Distributor is “Pantrade” not “Pantech”
Warranty is cover by “Sennheiser” not “Pantech”

everyone told me “Sennheiser” how good and so good to owe it. But I don’t feel any different in term of sound quality compare to my Creative and Song Earphone. Bee say maybe I’m not those hardcore listener so normally buy Creative $49 will be good enough. However, I’m just paying $129.90 for a whole PINK earphone only as other brand only have the ear piece in PINK and the wire cord is not PINK. So bo pian I just pay LL to have everything PINK!

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