Sunday, June 5, 2011

Having 1 week of I-Slim

Well, been taken I-Slim for a week. My weight haven't go down. The very 1st day I drank it, I feel the taste quite awful. My friend say it taste like a spoilt coconut drink. I feel it taste more like distill water. I get used of the taste after 2 days.

Also it make my throat abit painful, as the instruction stated you must drink at least 10 cup of water instead of 8 cups of water. Guess these I-Slim is abit heaty, or it need more water to detox our body. Anyway my normal water consumption is 3L per day so that isn't any issue.

I get water retention after 24hr, my foot can't even fit in any shoes. But everything normal after 48hr. There isn't any side effect on me, I can sleep no headache no diarrhea too. Everything normal which it sound unlikely to help me lose weight.

Anyway I will give 1 month chance to I-Slim.

p/s: no weight lost as of now (1 week)

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