Sunday, June 12, 2011

2B Arm & Body cream

Yesterday bought a 2B Arm and Body cream which in high demand in Singapore. I went alot of Guardian and search like 3 - 4 months then got it. My advice to you is, if you see alot of stock buy at least 3 tubes. As I quite regretted when I only purchase 2 tubes furthermore now is having 20% off. Anyway partly I read from FlowerPod stated you need to use 3 tubes to complete 1 course. When this is a #1 slimming cream in Hong Kong thus give it a try. I used alot of creams before but none given me a hot sensation. It is hot and abit itchy however those below i used not even HOT at all. So hoping it did really slim my 5 months tummy and flabby arms!

Today start using, my waist is 32 inches thus will keep on monitoring and update the result.Clarins - recommended in most magazine. No effect on me too :(
Bought this in USA, not good. Nothing much happen.
Bought from Bangkok, WORST product. Very stinky, if you accidentally rub your eyes then good luck to you. Worst is it dirty your clothes. No effect!
This dump is another 1! Recommended by my sister's friend. Cost me $150, think she say is expression or what slimming company. But they change the packing. Well, it feels like Mr Johnson, it dirty clothes like Mr Johnson and best is, if you if you accidentally rub your eyes then good luck to you. Inside is GREEN in color.

Actually I did buy some REBORN wrap before. I even bought 24 rolls! But I used once, I decided to throw all. As it leak all over my body plus quite stupid. So I guess don't waste $ on that.

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