Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raining Season....

It been busy from Monday onward, however if you ask me what am I buzy with… My answer will be "I also don’t know." Pathetic right!!!

However I thought I complete 终极一家. However 终极一家 not only 50 episodes. BUT who can tell me how many are there in a complete series? 50 episodes series is consider long but now there're even more series. I really appreciate who can answer my question now.

Anyway yesterday I go Bishan Junction 8, had saw my wish list - Pink Sony Vaio Cr in BEST. This is the very 1st time I had opened up and see. it is also pink inside. I really can’t keep my mind thinking about it now. But it is too expensive. $1999!!!!

I counted as jobless so how can afford. Sigh…. Can I request to win the Big Sweep Grand Price for my coming Birthday so that I can purchase my fav laptop... :p

Pink Sony Vaio Cr Serie

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Wu Ming Ren said...

It good to own Pink Sony Vaio Cr Serie but it too much expensive. haiz...