Monday, October 15, 2007

Summary of my Week Ends…

Friday 12th October 2007
Chilled Out

It had been a boring day through out. However really very boring till I began to cut my eyelash while watching 娱乐百分百. I remember my beautician said: “If you want your eye lash longer, then trim a bit.” Of course initially I don’t buy her story totally so I trim my left eye only. But after 3 weeks, my left eye lash really 2 – 3 mm longer than my right side. Thus I no choice, so must trim both side again.
But娱乐百分百VIP is Rainie Yang, I love her so much thus I cant keep my eye off her. And that its!!!! Both sides eyelash is gone. I everything and best is Saturday is my granny birthday. So moody le….
It’s chilling time… finally the sun gone down. I meet bee go eat pepper crab today. This was my 1st time trying pepper crab as I always eat chilli crab. Furthermore, I always thought pepper crab must be really bitter, yet it turns out so delicious.

Pepper crab at Serangoon North Ave 1 Coffee Shop

After dinner we headed toward Yishun Ring Road for a drink. Bad Luck I guess, once I only started a slip of my rhum raspberry Breezer, it started to rain. What to do, go home and sleep lo……

Saturday 13th October 2007
Granny 86th Birthday

After the black Friday, my eyelash is gone. Thus I left with no choice so I try on the fake eyelash. Sigh… it was so hard till I end up using 1 hour to fix it on. After all it is still my 1st attempt.
Headed toward Granny house without any breakfast, it is already 1pm yet still no food yet. All of us is staving le. But when food comes, erm… look delicious but I feel like vomit out after having it. OMG… can you imagine? Dishes looks nice taste awful! Dishes I cook always look awful, guess taste even worst. Ha Ha Anyway, after the cake session we go to IMM shopping and Yishun North Point. I manage to get myself a pretty black Espirit black tube top after a long day. :)

Sunday 14th October 2007

A day that I can sleep in till 11.30 am as no kids in my house today. Hee… however Bee need to go beach road to do his army dog tag. Thus my late breakfast was taken there.

My breakfast >>>>> beef ball soup noodle

We headed to army market after the heavy breakfast. However I realize there sold a lot of lady fashion rather than just the plain army stuff. However the prices are very steep comparing to Bugis Village or even Far East Level 1. M… no wonder the shops there always change like the 4 seasons.

It is a hot day even though it looks partly cloudy; we went to Chinatown after collecting his dog tag. Spend 2 hour in Chinatown and spent $200++. OMG… can’t be blame; we saw a shop in the market that sells grocery which is the cheapest in town. However they even sell my Matrix shampoo from USA. L Thus I buy 1 Liter Shampoo, 1 Liter Conditioner and 500gram of hair mask. Sigh… I just bought $140 RUSK hair product last week from my salon. Now matrix products after less still cost me $135 after less 20%. However it likes saving me $50 from buying in that shops rather than my salon. What I can say is I have an expensive hair. Oh ya, not forgetting the OLAY 5 pcs white radiance mask. I bought at this shop at only $14.80 and Watson is selling at $25++. Thus I was pondering where this shop got their product as it is a lot cheaper than anywhere in Singapore.

After the 2 hours shopping, I had managed to buy a miniature crystal tiara!!! So happy….

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