Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I really love to DIY craft stuffs, today on the way back from SingPost, saw AMK Hub is selling these cute DIY pet keychain. Thus I bought one for Wendy as she is a dog lover.
And most important is she loves PINK!!!

Verdict: I feel it is 99% similar, however I did some changing of the doggy cloth color, as the pink inside the kit is too DULL! The "W" stand for "wendy" but of course I never meant to name this dog by your name so don't misunderstood me.Sigh… I really love to do this kind of craft but such a simple thing I need to sew for 2 hours. Which I feel is too long, am I not up to standard if not why all my DIY jewellary need 6 hours each and so to my angel clay.
My first attempt to do this angel clay without any instruction, some people say the cupid hair look like “mee pok”. And the angel hair looks like “spaghetti”

This is my second attempt of doing the baby angel clay, however I do it as I left with lot of the clay so don’t wish to waste. LOL However this time round, more people say the angel hair look like marshmallow. SOB SOB

Not to forget TODAY IS MY DAD Birthday!!! Alamak…. Until I see the cake then I realize is my dad birthday today.

However my birthday is next coming monday only, thus my birthday wish is already stated inside my Wish List so need all my friends and family to acheive it le.

Anyway my dream is to have a shop that do customize gift like these DIY stuff I do. However my speed so low how to open shop I think open class better. Ha ha...

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