Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friend Forever

So moody today as like noting to do, meet up with my ITE friend on Sunday for my pre birthday lunch. However chatting about alot of ours friends had change in their character. I strongly believe that the main causes is due to the world is corrupted. One of the biggest reasons I left work force. I really can’t adapt to outside world as the office is filled with politic and colleagues is hypocrite.

I used to believe that they are nice to me, however after some incident I saw their real truth color which cause me very upset over it. I those kinds of people will walk away quietly and won’t fight against it. You can say I’m coward or ostrich habit (when obstacle arrive, ostrich often hide their face inside the hole in the ground) I don’t have the energy to fight back or think anything to get them back. BUT I guess this is why most of my friend changes as they just behaving in a way to be defensive only. However I feel you won’t be happy living in this way as you always need to safe guard for yourself. Sigh… I don’t wish to lead this kind of life.

However, unfortunately I can’t accept the way they change, is like they are not the friend I used to know. I do feel more fortunate compare to others as Bee had protect me so carefully that why I'm still the same and no need to face this scary selfish world.

But I’m very glad I met my secondary friend, she used to “nurse” me like a little princess. She’s just like a nanny to me during school day. And I got her back in April 2006. She is the only one who watches over me like my guardian angel. She’s always there for me when I in trouble. And most importantly she never changes till now. She is still the one that I used to know. Oops ya, got change but is her outlook only. Of course she is prettier now.

True friend are hard to get, however I thanks GOD to give me 1 in my entire life.

Wendy, you are my last thing I wanna lose on this earth…