Sunday, May 25, 2008

Double Happiness….

The seller really had sent me a new replacement which is in perfect condition.
I love my mobile phone even more as it is totally in PINK.
I spent $30sgd buying this Pink SE k800i housing / faceplate and it don’t come with installation manual. Thus I had to search from forum to pay for others to assemble my housing. To my horror a guy in forum want to charge me for $20 for assemble my own PINK housing / faceplate. Then forget it, I really feel too expensive. Thus I had been searching the internet for teaching me how to change my housing / faceplate. So I manage to learn my skill from YouTude.

LOL… anyway I already accomplish this mission and learn a new skill. Please leave a comment if you need to change housing / faceplate for your SE K800i. I will only charge $10.

Replacement from royaldhi

The spree I organize: Is totally successful; I had received all goods on 23rd May 2008 when seller actually post for me on 21st May 2008. Cool!!!!

All pendant appear so nice, however 1 of my spree-er told me that Singapore Bits & pieces is selling at $99 each. This is the reason why she order from me. Anyway seem this spree is so successful I’ll create another spree for this custom make 925 name pendant. J
Please support lo….

Initial design draft:

Outcome Product:
As I had a past experience thus I hope there’ll be more spree-er to order for me.Custom Make 925 Name Necklace: [To be update later]

Unfortunately, my own custom make name pendant is not back yet…. However I’m expecting all to be back by 26th May 2008

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