Friday, May 30, 2008


Sign… recently everyone got stress up so easily and compliant to me everyday. … Ah yo… I always told them : “ don’t stress don’t stress, just think about Sichuan!”

Wendy’s problem:
She is kinda weird I guess. Problem is she abit crazy or lost some wire. Why I say so?

Scenario 1:
Wendy: die la die la I not enough sleep and I don’t haven time to sleep. How? I got too much order to be out within a week.

Me: “Ask you quit you don’t want, see now can’t cope. Work as shipping assistant and have 3 personal own business to look after!” Just quit and settle all the case.

Scenario 2:
Wendy: “I quit my job le”

Me: “Great! Then you more time to sleep and rest!”

Wendy:” But now I don’t dare spent $ because I going jobless le!”

Me:” what inside your brain? You quit because your business is earning too much then need to quit! OMG”

Scenario 3:
Wendy:” Wa today I so shag because got a lot of orders!”

Me:” then good la so you have more $ now no need worry le!”

Wendy: “But I so sian no time to spend!”

Scenario 4:
Me: “so anymore apparel you need me order for you!”

Wendy:”I like it a lot but I no $ to order, you know la I going jobless le!”

Conclusion: the whole conversation is only within this 3 days and yet she really contradicting of 3 min she is poor 3 min later she is too rich but no time to spend and 3 min later she say she is poor again.

WENDY WAKE UP, you’re not jobless you’re boss of 3 personal company and you’re earning a lot more than all f us so don’t give me CRAP okay. I don’t wish to hear complaint that you going jobless don’t dare spent $. Each time I heard you saying this piece of CRAP I will fine you $5sgd

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