Friday, March 15, 2013

Latest Figurerobics & Hip Hop Abs Slimming Result w Preloved Abercrombie Sales

After exercise from Sept 2012 till March 2013;

The below is my result.

I unable to take picture with the current short and genie bra anymore.
My genie bra change from Large to Medium
Hollister shorts from size 1 become Zara 34

Used to be: 35.5" 28" 36" 54kg
Current result: 32.5" 24.5" 33" 48kg

However I did hip hop abs for 2 months in order to train my abs.

Showing my result here is not to show off but to encourage all of you. Must keep the determination. Keep doing exercise to get good result.

Don't give up JIA YOU!

By the way, as I had lose some weight and all my apparels can't wear it anymore and alot are in Big USA brands and in very good condition. Please kindly support!

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