Thursday, March 14, 2013

女人我最大 - Collagen Japan Milcolla Review

I believe alot already heard of these item. I personally tried it on myself. The effect was really amazing.

For those who are slimming now should take these collagen. As your breast won't shrink and it eliminate fine line on your face and your body.

I bought my Milcolla from GMarket. Had bought 2 packets as 1 pack is only for 2 week.
As I'm going to try for a month so I get 2 packet. 7g daily which is quite convenient.
Let take a look on my face condition after 10 days;
 Right Face
 Left Face
Overall is impressive, my skin color tone is more even out and I got fairer. You can tell I even got rosy cheek also my skin feel like baby texture as all the pores close up and get so fine till I can't stop touching my skin now. And it help to tighten the skin which make me feel my face is shaper in some way.

You really should give a try. Enjoy your beauty. Bye

PS: the taste is much like milk powder no stink smell. Taste and smell like milk

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phyllis wong said...

seems nice, still using?