Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weight - Loss diet

Well, people been asking me what did kind of diet did I eat in order to add on to my slimming program.

Actually I don’t have a definite answer for that. Because I been eating a lot too and I do eat ice cream daily.

Alright here is the reply:

My breakfast: Colorful vegetable salad

If happen you Google search my ingredient it happen to be the top 10 vegetable that help boasting in slimming.

Lettuces, Carrot, Cucumbers, Carrots, Tomatoes [mini] and violet cabbages

Sometime I replace salad as Potatoes salad.

My potatoes will be boiling in salt water and dash with Italian herb. I won’t add mayonnaise or butter in it. A lot told me potatoes will cause fat but WRONG. It won’t as it was 1 of the slimming food that is under protein and high fibers.

Like other people I do eat porridge or fry bee hoon or fishball noodle [dry]. I’m not god or I have a strict diet. So the salad thingy as breakfast I only taken thrice weekly.  


Daily habit:
1 cup of prune juice
3 Liter of plain water
2 cup of Linton tea [w/o sugar or milk]
1 cup of Korean Red Vinegar [Hong Cho]

Fruits choice: 2qty of dragon fruit with 1 handful of blueberry daily. [LUNCH which is 2 hour later]

Dragon fruit facts:
- good source of fiber
- include vitamin C and antioxidants
- help control glucose levels in some people with Type 2 diabetes.

* There are rumor that eating dragon fruit daily will whiten your skin and slim down your body. Erm is that true anot because I ‘m having it for some time but I’m not that fair.

Blueberry facts :
- antioxidants

*Research shown it can help slimming down your belly by having a handful daily for 90 days. So I just go ahead to try it.


3 Slice of High Fiber bread, or 10 slice of potatoes chips or 1 mini pack of Famous Amos


I go for main normal meal like all of you. When I exercise, I will try my best to consume Protein and Fiber food. As Protein food will help you burn double when you exercise.

Protein food like western food chicken chop which you order from hawker. It consist of bean which is under protein food too.

Egg, cheese, potatoes, toufu, bean, chicken and so on belong to protein food.

Normally, I ate yong tou fu yellow noodle soup or fishball bee hoon soup or porridge for dinner.

Ice Cream, it been a daily routine for me so please don’t follow.

Depend but you don’t follow, try to eat just 3 meals daily.

Supplement:  Calcium pill which is good for bone and sleeping. Fish oil after lunch as eating long term will lose some belly fats which I still have abit of tummy.

- Maintain at 1500 calories daily, try not falling beyond it as your metabolism might drop.
- Consume protein and high fibers food
- Drink 2 litres of water daily [compulsory]

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