Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Short GetAway to Bali Kuta


Joey said...


Nice pics in Bali.

I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for Figurerobics posts.

I'm not sure how your routine was. Do you mean that you do each video for one week (so means in 1 month you do 4 different videos)?
And each video you do 3 times for 3 consecutive days in a row?

So meaning
Week 1 (Video 1): Monday, Tuesday, for 4 days
Week 2 (Video 2): Monday, Tuesday, for 4 days

Is that correct?

Thanks and sorry for troubling you

Glordian Tan said...

right & wrong.

figurobotic come in 2 parts. each part is 4 video.

each video i do 3 continuous days in a row. I off and rest on every Sunday only.

Month 1 & 2: Figurobotic part 1
Month 3 & 4: Figurobotic part 2
Month 5 & 6: Hip Hop Abs
Month 7 & 8: Insanity

There's a need to change the exercise routine as to create muscle confusion

Joey said...

I see. Thank you for the explanation.

Good work, by the way! I'm motivated by your weight loss and toning