Sunday, May 13, 2012

Slimming with my PS3 Game:

I had been very hard working in training myself. My goal actually was to get my collar bone back.
Google result: 3 Ds
1) Daily 1 hour cardio exercise
2) Drink 2 - 3 litre of plain water
3) Diet - No tidbits or fry food and must be healthy meal.

For my case I guess I only fulfill #2 that all. I don't like to exercise at all and I'm a indoor girl. Thus my hubby bought some ps3 dancing game to act as a cardio exercise for me.

Journey began with PS3 Michael Jackson

Week 1:
I only start off with 1/2 hour daily. Yet I was sweating nonstop. Also I having muscle aching here and there.

Week 2:1 hour daily, muscle foaming on both legs.

Week 3: In order to get your weight loss successfully, you must do MUSCLE CONFUSION. Meaning I need to change my game in order to make me continue to lose more.

Weight lost by 700gram. Also I had master 1 song with full star and most of them already achieve 4*. And I no longer feel shag or anything else with this game.
Week 4: Change my game to Dance Now 3

I still working on it hence there nothing much I can review, but I believe it will focus more on my arms and waist and the hand movement alot.

Seem like I work so hard and only lose 700 grams right. But you're wrong, my look totally change.

This was me last year NOV 2011. Exactly 2 weeks after my wedding date. Look at my face, my tummy. Look like pregnant or am a aunty.

Take a look the me NOW I purposely wear the same top. My face smaller, eyes bigger. Smaller tummy and I got a pair of beautiful legs. However my arms and inner tights are still big and huge so I guess there rooms to work on it.

Anyway I must endure another 2 mths at least in order to get my weight stable and not rebound back.

Tips: As a housewife my advise is doing house chore is not enough to make you loss weight or slim down so wake up the ideal. Also taking pills won't solve problem too base on my experience as for some I even GAIN WEIGHT. Thus the most practical way is still EXERCISE!

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