Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Hobbies - swarovski puffy heart

Accidentally saw an youtube showing how to make a puffy heart by using 72 pcs 4mm swarovski to foam a 3D puffy heart.
My 1st try, not enough swarovski thus do it with assorted color. Anyway I still feel nice, I name it " The Mermaid's Heart"
This is 1 of my design without any instruction, took me 6 hour to complete. Too much trial and errors. "The US Flag"
This big "Breast Cancer Awareness Pink bow heart" worst, took me 2 days to complete. Total dismantle time is 4!
The purple one is I used to do it and sell it. Too long never do I thought I might forgot the step. Anyway something different from those outside sell one is my guardian angle do come with a pair of nice hand. :D
This small pink bow is done by following the youtube too. However I had challenge myself of using 72 pcs of 3mm swarovski. Nearly do blind doing this. As the hole is smaller than stringing kept repeated thus harder to pass through.

After all this all my heart work.

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