Friday, January 6, 2012

Pink IPhone 4

I received these Pink IPhone as a 2011 x'mas gift from hubby. Maybe is a bit late to blog however just share around. Being dream for having a PINK IPhone since very long time ago and finally my dream come true.
These is the LCD pink front and back cover with pink IHome button. So sweet...
This is how it look after assemble however I had pasted diamond screen protector that why it might look abit blink.
It come with 5 colors for you to choose from. Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Total cost to do it at $100sgd only. Sim lim charges is $120 however they will take back your original black of white iphone lcd covers. Thus if you want it back you need to buy it back from them instead at another $100 +. Sound ridiculous. However my case is, make a payment for $80 and waited for the seller to order from oversea [2 weeks] then he will contact me when the housing was here. And bring my Iphone over to him to do around 45 min. And the 2nd payment of $20 will be collected at the same time. Original will be handed over to you too. So quite a great deal!

Incase you also wanted to iColor your iphone 4. Contact for more inquiries.

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