Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year

Been very busy before CNY, busy spring cleaning my hse for 2 whole week till I fall sick on New Year Eve. Thinking that I might have inhale too much dust that cause me flu for so long...

Anyway I'm busy with my website too. Hoping it can be open by valentine day however look like abit hard on my phase.

Well this 2012 I was counted as unlucky I feel. Just because I been sick on the 1st day till now. Feeling soo moody lately, wish to go back to USA. I really miss my home there. sob sob....

Anyway some preview of my online store:

Spent alot of hardwork in it. And owe a credit to my hubby, him himself done up the whole programe for me. Thanks bee :)

Thus please look forward

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