Friday, September 3, 2010

Turn Back Time…..

Knowing each other for 12 years. From friend to married couple. Sound very romantic but there's a lot of heart pain behind. It is always easy to fall in love but it is always hard to maintain it. How are we suppose to know what to do or what we shouldn't do for this relationship. If only we could turn back time so we'll be able to rectify whatever we feel is wrong or regretful.

12 years… I could say the duration is long enough to cause the whole thing to be stagnant. But there might be some could work it out and even last another 20 years. A girl had decided to commit suicide since she feel the man have no feel for her and her husband's scandal happen to be her best friend. "Double Combo"!!! She roughly swallow 60 pills, been admitted to hospital and did not die. But doctor say due to over dosage of pills thus girl had been suspected kidney failure risk inside her ward.

Communication breakdown is always that critical reason for every divorce couple. Because you can't simply communicate thus it ended up in quarrel and divorce.

Life is precious and fragile thus I hope you don't choose this route. Remember you're not alone. Just remember you ought to love yourself first so you know how to love others. We are not born or live for anyone, the world won't stop turning even you're dead. More beautiful thing awaiting for you to explore.

This is just part of life…..

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