Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hawaii Trip 28th Feb 2010: sceneric tour

Day 5: We took Hawaii trolley to visit the attractions on the island
1st stop: Duke Kahanamoku Statue
It was located in the center on Waikiki Beach. He is the 1st swimmer that participate in the Olympic if I not wrong. :s
Diamond Head Crater
I was inside the Diamond Head Crater, if you had watch the Pearl Harbor movie then this is the place that they seen hundreds of Japan Fighter Planes fly across Hawaii

This is the Hawaii Trolley that I joined for the whole day :)
Friendly Hawaiian

Hanauma Bay

The water level is just at your knee height, fishes and coral can be see clearly when you walk around inside the sea :)

Halona Lookout "Blow Hole"

Makapuu Point
Hawaiian Monk Seal resting on the beach with fence around him. Anyway the fence is only 3 sided I guess he can simply jump into the sea
Rainbow after a heavy rain
The rainbow is so BIG till I can see it when I reaches every destinations
A nice full RAINBOW!

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