Friday, August 27, 2010

Yearning for a SIMPLE LIFE

Actually, I was pondering all this while. Is it tiring to be Glordian Tan or is just tire to be a human. I thought moving to USA for a 2 years stay is quite a peaceful and relax thing to do.

However it always don't turn out what you always wanted. I always though USA is such a crowded cities as show in the Hollywood Movie. [ actually what I had seen inside the movie is New York] Anyway, 1st day reach Arizona Tucson almost make me cry. It is much more like a rural area to me. No high rise buildings but was surrounded with millions of CATUS in all kind of "breed" and a lot of high MOUNTAINS. To people like us might feel peaceful to stay away from crowds. Is a NO NO to me since this place is a stranger to me. Anyway, there's a benefit if there is no high rise buildings here. You can to see full MOON which appear very very NEAR to you. Or even a FULL Rainbow connect from end to end.

Getting a new apartment here was a hassle. We don't know where is the BEST for us or location wise and so on. So it is more like depending on our luck which is the right place for us to choose. Nonetheless, I guess the apartment that we choose is quite not bad BUT you will get to see centipedes, scorpio or huge spider crawling over your living room walls and so on. Or you might meet up some snake, hawk or coyote gathering outside waiting just for you. It only train me from timid to BRAVER I guess.

2 years here I learn to be independent as my hubby always need to be away from home for around months. Mastered the skill of cooking, household chores and so on. Other than these areas nothing much had change my life style compare to SG.

I always had bad luck in SG but I never expect it does happen when I was in USA. Sigh… seem like it is not easy to be Glordian Tan.

1st incident: My online website server being shut down due to some hackers use my website to cheat others $ using paypal and so on. I wasn't sure about it till some pictures in my blog got removed.
2nd incident: Chase bank account being hijack! It was a shocked when the monthly statement came with a large lump sum missing inside my bank!
3rd incident: Having a mental disorder neighbor for more than a year causing me mentally depression when he always harassing me by knocking my door and call police.
4th incident: Parcels lost which place outside my doorstep.
5th incident: It been a BIG BIG issue to me which do with very HUGE $ too…
6th incident: Bad communication with tai's tai's here which only happen in the year 2. No trouble in year 1.
7th incident: Selling authentic COACH being accused is fake inside EBay. :(

M... I coming back soon. My flight depart on 18th December 2010 USA date which is only a few months away from now. Quite a complicated feeling too, I know I miss my family in SG but I also fear to go home too. As My flat issue how to renovate or What should I work as and How my custom marriage going to do. Argh... alot of problems waiting for me in SG now. But I also in trouble in USA now. Haiz neither here or there now. Sometime really better off dead then no need to worry so much. Life is such an long journey with full surprises.

But I only wish it to be peaceful and simple for me. But till now 30 yrs! I never ever had any!

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Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you