Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things I've Cook

Something I need to reveal today, I already know how to cook ever since I was in USA. So you may call me Glordian Chef. LOLX just kidding. Only able to survive here if not I guess I might as well die if I can't get the taste of sg home cook food in states.
Dumping Soup / 饺子汤
French Toast
Dou Suan
Big Breakfast
Ice Cream Pancake
Pork and Century Egg Congee
Carrot and DouFu Congee
Vienam Dish
Kung bao + Ka Lan Lunch Box
Lemon Chicken Rice Lunch Box
Chicken Katsu
Japanese Sushi
Lobster LinguineTeppanyaki Chicken with Mushroom Bean Curd
Prawn Mee
Dark Soy Wings / 卤鸡翼
Chicken Mince Mushroom Rice Noodle / 鸡丝面
Home Make Chocolate Chip Cookie
Home Make Chocolate Chip Cookie
Wanton noodle

Lastly these are not the only things I able to cook but I didn't take the pictures of every dishes :)

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