Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new hairstyle

Today, I went to “Act Point” to do my digital perm. However I change a hair stylish. Last time I used to go to orchard shopping centre branch, hair stylish is MAY.

I follow MAY for 6 – 7 years, from ScissorHand till Act Point. But what disappointed me is May really change which I decide to change a new hairstylist. [1st perm in January 2008 blog entry & photo to compare]

However, thought of cutting China Doll fringe. So search in goggle to find out which hair stylish good in cutting such fringe. To my surprise, find rating for my salon AGAIN. I looked carefully, “oh is bugis branches name call Anson” Ayo…. Cosycot and flowerpot forum descried him till like GOD lei.

Of cause I wish to try, thus go to him. Ayo he kept shoot arrow at me. Infact is whole salon tease me, this is my first visit yet I ha become so famous. Everything hit off as, my hair really too long. My hair length is actually till my low waist length. And also they realize my hair too healthy, and I never cut ever since I last perm in January 2008. well, great compliment. Furthermore they say my skin very good, ask me how to maintain as I don’t look like 28 yr olds. Ha ha…. My answer is “I don’t wash face!!!” All 4 or 5 hair stylist all faint!

“HELLO!!!! Is true, I don’t even use cleanser, and I never buy any make up remover” sigh…

However my experience with them is ok lo, Anson not really GOD but a bit PROUD. You can hit me if you’re his fans cause I’m speaking the truth. However what weird is he cutting hair is same as “MAY”

Take a look and compare. The fringe is totally same lei….??? EEEE so eeie 2 different stylists end up both cut out same hairstyle...

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