Sunday, November 2, 2008

My 28th Birthday Part II

Erm… being demand that I must place all pictures up, here it goes~
I feel overwhelming as these couple’s “time = million $” yet fetch me from my house and bring me to my favorite chicken store to what chicken rice and salted vegetable duck soup. Wendy say as I leaving Singapore thus she makes sure I ate those foods I like before I gone to USA….
Trust me, if you will have ENDLESS eating sessionssss if you go out with “Wendy Png”However, it tastes nice la, but very FATTERING lor!
Heading to Takashima Shopping Centre, accompany them to buy so knifes [thinking of murdering me]
Still at Takashima Shopping Centre however now is at sport department. While Brandon is happily shopping, both me and Wendy lare playing crazily aside le.
We ended our day at Haji Lane which is the place that they handed me to my hubby! :D

2 days after my birthday, Xiao Ping actually delivered this bouquet to me personally in a rush.
Anyway thank la. Because everyone knows I love FLOWERS

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