Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday

Is my Birthday!!! I’m very happy as Bee actually appears at my window with a cake at 12am sharp! He always never fail to be the first one……

The pictures tell all:

I ever told him I wanted this cake for my birthday in a casual remark yet it turn truth ~

Really love these ROSES! Everything in PINK!


This cute couple actually purposely drop their work aside to accompany me whole day!

She is my Best Friend Forever "Wendy Png"

Heading to Singapore Flyer despite of my "Height Phobia"
Bee say is a waste of $ as I only sit inside and watch instead of walking inside the container.
BUT who knows that my leg actually numb like jelly lei....

Heading to Holland Village to have my Birthday Dinner

These are what we ate....

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